Bibs for Baby

Bibs for Baby

So, starting with something different here. In March 2017 I had the fun opportunity of being a pattern tester… for the very first time. The call went out in a patterning Facebook group for baby bibs.

“Hey! I have a baby who uses bibs. And I have just enough time to make a few.” I filled out the Google form and hit submit. Lisa at Cucicucicoo Patterns was a delight to work with as was her pattern.

Bibs for Baby - large snap as worn

Because only small scraps of fabric were required I rummaged through my fabric bins for pieces that were cute and that my 9 month-old daughter would like. The pattern suggests absorbent material – I used basic calico/quilting cottons – but also mentioned is terry cloth, old sheets or towels, and even PUL or vinyl fabric for a wipe-able bib.

Bibs for Baby - Cucicucicoo Pattern

The pattern was super easy. I’ve done a few e-patterns before but really liked the little thread ball & needle in the corner of each page. Neat touch when piecing is so important to get right.

Bibs for Baby - grading seam

Bibs for Baby - clipped & graded edges

The turn-and-topstitch version is the “lazy” method whereas the bias bound takes a bit more time. I say lazy, but really, for me, I’m the queen of clipping and grading. I first graded the seam allowance all around then made the clips.

Bibs for Baby - bias steamed & pinned

Make sure to steam your bias to match the curved edge before sewing! That neck edge is a small curve and steam helps so much. I would also recommend double-fold bias tape or make your own cut wide as the narrow double-fold gave me attitude. bah..

Bibs for Baby - narrow bias steamed & pinned

I really liked that the pattern suggested a snap for the closure. (Ties are an option too but I wanted to make lots of bibs fast.) My daughter likes to pull off her current bibs and can do so easily with their velcro closure that is wearing out. You know how velcro gives out after many uses…..

Bibs for Baby - small snap bibs

It also gave me a chance to use my KAM snap setter again. I initially bought it for closures on her first holiday dresses. It sets plastic snaps not unlike a metal eyelet in a grip tool. So easy for these bibs!

If you have a little one who uses bibs or need a quick homemade gift for a friend I highly recommend Lisa’s pattern. I’ll be making more for sure! More info on this page. (no affiliate). You can see others who tested this bib pattern on this page (mine are there too).

Bibs for Baby - small snap bib as worn

Bibs for Baby - Cucicucicoo Pattern large snap bib

P.S. As my first pattern testing experience, I found it enjoyable. The designer communicated to us through email and a private Facebook group. We were encouraged to post our photos in the group along with any questions and updates on our sewing progress. Testers were asked to fill out a feedback form through Google Docs. It was fun being a part of something knowing my feedback was taken into consideration and helping to spread the love of sewing with others. 🙂

I’ve just finished testing another pattern – no, I’m not becoming addicted… yet – and will post that later when the pattern is officially released later in April.

4 thoughts on “Bibs for Baby

  1. Christa Jennings says:

    Does it come in different sizes? My 5 month old granddaughter is drooling, and needs some bibs, but this one looks too roomy around the neck.

    • The pattern is one size. Although, you could easily draw in a small neckline. I’d recommend the small bib too. I liked that the neck was bigger than other bibs I’ve been using that are starting to strangle my daughter. You could also sew on the snap further back to close and move it to the end when needed. The small bib is really a great size!

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